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Import and Sale of Biomass Fuel

What are biomass fuels?

Biomass fuels are environment-friendly fuels made from renewable organic resources of biological origin (biomass). Biomass energy is carbon-neutral. While carbon dioxide is released when biomass fuels are burned, its source material absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when it is growing, thereby effectively making its greenhouse gas emissions equal to zero.

Major advantages of biomass power generation

In theory, biomass power can be generated continuously by burning organic materials.
 Biomass power generation, which enables prediction and control of the amount of electricity generated, plays a valuable role because electricity cannot yet be stored in large quantities.
 Another advantage is that biomass power generation works on the same principle as thermal power generation, making it relatively easy to mix biomass fuels into fossil fuels in thermal power plants.

Status of biomass power generation in Japan

Japan’s Energy Mix Policy (“Long-term Energy Supply and Demand Outlook” compiled by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) aims to promote renewable energy and expand biomass power generation. To this end, the development and operation of biomass power plants have been rapidly promoted. To secure fuel resources for large biomass power generation plants, Japan needs to depend on wood fuel imports.

On July 3, 2018, the Japanese Cabinet approved the Fifth Basic Energy Plan, which declares for the first time that renewable energy will be made a principal source of power supply for the purpose of decarbonization.

Major fuel resources expected to be used for biomass power plants

  1. Palm oil & PKS (palm kernel shells)
  2. Wood chips & wood pellets
  3. Alternative fuels (derived from agricultural crop residues)

— and others

Roles played by EST

At EST Co., Ltd., we provide long-term stable supply of high-quality fuels required for biomass power generation by taking full advantage of our own business network mainly in the ASEAN countries.

3 key elements required for procuring biomass fuels

EST’s major product line

Palm oil & PKS
(palm kernel shells)

Countries of origin: Malaysia, Indonesia

Wood chips & wood pellets
(pine, acacia, etc.)

Countries of origin: Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia

Alternative fuels
(derived from agricultural crop residues)

* Under development

Sales of solar power generation equipment
Provision of consulting services

We deal in structural components for solar power generation facilities. We also provide consulting services concerning on-site power generation business and the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) system by capitalizing on the know-how we have accumulated through construction of our electric power station.

Product line: PV modules, power conditioners, outdoor & carport frames
PV module for EST’s electric power station
Power conditioner for EST’s electric power station